Come be amazed! Discover, think, feel, and find a generous welcome here! The Lakeside Daisy above is commented below. Here we value thoughtful service expressed in candor and faithfulness. We are the Marblehead First United Church of Christ.  Lets get to know each other,  worship, and visit a bit over a cup of coffee. 

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Sunday, September 30,  10:30 a.m.
     With hurricanes, fires and global warming - we are doing a small churches part. First UCC has assembled and took 13 disaster buckets and 20 personal care kits to the Northwest Ohio Association Annual Gathering at Genoa. The UCC will distribute these kits to victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.  
     Thrivent Financial donated funds for contents of the buckets and church members paid for the personal care kits.  Judie Sagendorf did the shopping for the items and oversaw the assembly of the kits and buckets.   Thanks, Judie! 
  • Handicap accessible restrooms are located in the basement. Elevator is available.

  • Ohio Conference UCC Annual Gathering will be held September 28-29 at Westerville Community UCC. This yearís annual conference will feature a Friday night concert by Ken Medema and keynote speaker Rev. Starsky Wilson on Saturday. Tell Rev. Kay if you would like to attend.

  • October 7, Sunday. World Communion Sunday. We will have communion on the first Sunday of October, not the second. Neighbors in Need offering will be received.

  • October 18, Thursday, 7 p.m. Council.

  • Church Office Phone 419-798-4612 Rev. Kayís Home Phone 419-333-0433

  • Email: You are welcome to call Rev. Kay at the church or at home anytime.


The avowed purpose of this church shall be to worship God, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the sacraments; to realize Christian fellowship and the unity within this church and the church universal; to render loving service toward humankind; and to strive for righteousness, justice and peace.



Lakeside daisy is an endemic restricted to the Great Lakes area, within which it is one of the region's rarest plants - naturally occurring at only a handful of sites. In the United States it is known only from the Marblehead Peninsula area in northern Ohio, three restored populations in northern Illinois (where it was known historically from two sites), and a single, extremely small colony in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In Ontario, Canada, where lakeside daisy is most abundant, it occurs along much of the southern coast of Manitoulin Island and in several restricted areas near the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.


Photo by USFWS


Status: Threatened,listed June 23, 1988


Habitat: Dry rocky prairies; limestone rock surfaces including outcrops and quarries


Lead Region: 3


Region 3 Lead Office: Ohio Field Office


Range: Illinois, Michigan, Ohio



This bright daisy is a long-lived perennial growing where few others can, on nearly barren limestone bedrock in full sunlight. All individuals within a given population tend to bloom about the same time, producing the spectacular effect of a golden blanket across a rocky landscape. All the flower heads track the sun across the sky in unison. After about a week, the double notched petals fade before falling. Seed dispersal takes place about a month later. Lakeside daisy also reproduces vegetatively by rhizomatous growth.


Our church is like the Lakeside daisy, We live here, beautiful, a little endangered, yet thriving. When you look at us, you will smile, breath deep and long for the future when all is well. We invite you to come take a look and become a part of our present and our future.

  Handicap accessible restrooms are located in the basement. Elevator is available.

        We look forward to visitors! We have a regular congregation of the faithful. While we welcome vacationers, tourists, summer people, or new or old residents are invited to come to worship any and all Sundays.

         We have a traditional worship service in a beautiful, historic building, where God is still speaking and ALL are welcome! Just come any Sunday morning at 10:30. Communion on the second Sunday of each month (first Sunday in October) is open to all Christians. Coffee hour follows every worship service.

We have more people in the summer than the winter because we have a lot of pleople spend their vacations here, then they join us for worship.

      You can expect traditional Protestant worship. During worship, at the time of prayers, you may hear members expessing their request for prayers. You may say something or not as you choose.

      We sing three hymns and hear a good and timely message. This is a church that expects the exposition of the Word to be applied to the condition of the world.
Church at the Lake
First United Church of Christ
802 Prairie St. 
 Marblehead, Ohio
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A smiled choice of a gift awaits you: imported from Palestine, the home of Jesus. What a wonderful gift to give or receive..... Precious and it helps the economy of people who need it. click on this paragraph and see what you can choose to honor someone and put a smile on their face.
Pray for Palestine! We hope you are inclined to prayers for our missioners and the church at large. Follow this link to inform your prayers. Settle yourself in a chair, and focus yourself on prayers. Then click this paragraph. Pray Away!
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