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Sunday, April 22 a.m.
Morning worship at 10:30 a.m.
Welcome, visitors!
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     First UCC has assembled 13 disaster buckets and 20 personal care kits that will be taken on Saturday April 28th to the Northwest Ohio Association Annual Gathering at Genoa. The UCC will distribute these kits to victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.  
     Thrivent Financial donated funds for contents of the buckets and church members paid for the personal care kits.  Judie Sagendorf did the shopping for the items and oversaw the assembly of the kits and buckets.   Thanks, Judie! 
Handicap accessible restrooms are located in the basement. Elevator is available.
  • April 19, Thursday, 7 p.m. Council.
  • April 28, Saturday. Northwest Ohio Association Annual Gathering at Genoa. Theme is “For Just Such a Time as This.” Keynote speaker is Rev. Dr. Robin Knowles Wallace from Methodist Theological Seminary, Delaware, Ohio. Subjects are Ohio Conference visioning team, addictions, mission opportunities in El Salvador and Back Bay, lay school of religion, faith formation projects, and alternate track to ordination. Food, worship, music, and collection of disaster kits. Tell Rev. Kay if you are interested in going. The fee will be paid by the church.
  • May 2, Wednesday, 7:00-8:15 p.m. Community meeting regarding drug use, held at St. Paul Lutheran Church on Church Road.
  • May 9, Wednesday, 7 p.m. Ecumenical Danbury High School Baccalaureate will be held at St. Joseph Church.
  • May 17, Thursday, 7 p.m. Council.
  • Church Office Phone 419-798-4612 Rev. Kay’s Home Phone 419-333-0433
  • Email: You are welcome to call Rev. Kay at the church or at home anytime.



    The avowed purpose of this church shall be to worship God, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the sacraments; to realize Christian fellowship and the unity within this church and the church universal; to render loving service toward humankind; and to strive for righteousness, justice and peace.


In defense of the hired hand

John 10:11-18; Acts 4:5-12

There is something that doesn’t sit well with me right from the start of this Gospel passage: the characterization of the hired hand. He is fearful and careless. This doesn’t sit well for selfish reasons—because a hired hand is all I’ve ever been, professionally speaking. My titles have included farmhand, fry cook, server, assistant, caregiver, and now associate rector. I’ve never owned my own business or flock, never been an Executive Anything. And yet I’d like to think I’ve done good, faithful, strong, even excellent work. 

John’s Jesus does not speak highly of the hired hand. And so I’m left wondering: Is there a better version of the hireling we might envision, or aspire to be? After all, we’re not the shepherd—Jesus is. And though we try to pattern our life and our faithfulness after his, it’s not our place to become the shepherd. 

Peter and the other apostles in Acts embody this better sense of the more careful, committed hired hand that I’m looking for. They go around healing and preaching boldly, but always in the name of the good shepherd who commissioned them. Aren’t they, in some sense, hired hands for Jesus? Aren’t we? 

I suspect the key distinction here lies in the sense of the “hiring.” God doesn’t just hire us; God calls us by name. God claims us and makes a covenant with us in baptism (and with some of us again, through ordination). God’s devotion to us remains steadfast, even when we, hired hands that we are, would scatter at the sight of the wolf, fleeing for a time to some seemingly greener pastures. Even when our behavior would justify our firing, God keeps showing up, with an endless supply of second chances. Always ready to make all things new.

Ideally we’re not just in it for the money the way John’s hired hand is. But we also don’t have the same burdens of ownership that the shepherd does. In fact, it’s precisely when we start to think that we do—when we try to function as the owner of the mission rather than as God’s missionaries—that we tend to get into trouble. 

So perhaps the goal of discipleship is to chart something of a path between the good shepherd himself on the one hand and the fearful, careless hireling on the other. We can try to be like the apostles, leaning into the claim God has placed on us. Speaking truth, working for healing, taking risks in the world. But always pointing back to the one we are working for—the one who calls us by name and sets us on the path.

- Nadia Stefko
        We look forward to visitors! We have a regular congregation of the faithful. While we welcome vacationers, tourists, summer people, or new or old residents are invited to come to worship any and all Sundays.
         We have a traditional worship service in a beautiful, historic building, where God is still speaking and ALL are welcome! Just come any Sunday morning at 10:30. Communion on the second Sunday of each month (first Sunday in October) is open to all Christians. Coffee hour follows every worship service.

We have more people in the summer than the winter because we have a lot of pleople spend their vacations here, then they join us for worship.

      You can expect traditional Protestant worship. During worship, at the time of prayers, you may hear members expessing their request for prayers. You may say something or not as you choose.

      We sing three hymns and hear a good and timely message. This is a church that expects the exposition of the Word to be applied to the condition of the world.
Church at the Lake
First United Church of Christ
802 Prairie St. 
 Marblehead, Ohio
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We hope you are inclined to prayers for our missioners and the church at large. Follow this link to inform your prayers. Settle yourself in a chair, and focus yourself on prayers. Then click this paragraph. Pray Away!
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